Appcent Claims First Review at Clutch with a 5-Star Rating for Excellent Mobile Application Development

Let’s face it, mobile applications are the future! We always thought that websites will take over as the must-have for companies who are looking to improve their digital presence. Well, for some time, they were all the raves in the digital space. But today, a mobile application might be on equal footing with these sites or they might be one step ahead.

App culture is growing rampant nowadays. You might notice that we have applications for almost anything that we have or do. There are applications for your TVs and some might have ones for their light bulbs and kettles. We use apps for our food delivery and for booking restaurants. They are useful, without a doubt, you can even download banking apps and do transactions without leaving the comfort of your home.

These applications are practical and convenient. Even if you are a loyal iOS consumer or an Android fanboy, apps are diverse enough to accommodate your preferences. You can literally do a lot of things by just tapping your smartphones with your fingers.

With that being said, a lot of companies have been utilizing these apps to cater to their customers. The flexibility and customization help in creating bespoke solutions and products for different companies.

A perfect example of this is our first ever 5-star review from Clutch’s website! They are a platform that rates and reviews companies and helps businesses find the perfect service provider. Here is the review:

We collaborated with a classifieds company to create a tailor-made mobile application for their business. We help them move to a new infrastructure and remove/update outdated dependencies. Lastly, our team also handled the usability issues that were present on their application.

Here is what the company’s CTO has to say about the collaboration:

“As we are continuously releasing our application each month, delivering high-quality software is the key KPI for all developers. Appcent has a great contribution in delivering high-quality software.”

We are always glad that our services have helped companies in reaching their goals. A lot of hard work and dedication have been invested in this project and we are really glad that the client was able to appreciate it.

Furthermore, our company is also listed among the best mobile app devs on The Manifest website. They are a sister company of Clutch and they offer business guides and a comprehensive look through company projects that can help you in deciding on your next project partner.

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